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Darren (Adult male)
Adopted on September 2, 2015
Here's a pic of Darren I took this morning. He is such a handsome young man! We have been walking about a mile every night, and he's lost almost 4 lbs.! We groomed him about a week ago. I was combing and trimming on his belly, and this is what he was doing the whole time! Lol

He is very special, and his character is really coming out. He barks at us when "HE" wants to do something! We're going to Florida later on this year, and he's so excited. He loves to travel...lol!

We love this little guy!

Billy and Tina

February 14, 2017

Georgia (Adult female)
Adopted on February 10, 2016
Hard to believe that a year ago yesterday, a little whirlwind named Georgia blew into my life...and nothing has been the same! Here she is sitting on her throne (namely, my stomach) after going to the beauty shop. Rotten to the core!

February 11, 2017

Gary 1533 (Adult male)
Gary 1533
Adopted on January 8, 2017
Fritz has finally loosened up enough to start playing with some of his new toys! His personality just keeps coming out more and more. He's such a great dog!! I just LOVE his furry little face! He's so cute!

Ann Coburn

February 5, 2017

Desperado (Adult male)
Adopted on February 23, 2013
We take the golf cart to the beach and walk during lunch hour. Desperado LOVES going... he enjoys running out to the edge of the surf and then running back with the waves. He sniffs out shells, chases sea gulls, barks at joggers, and then after about an hour he comes home, gets his shower and sleeps the rest of the day! Oh what a glorious life! We love our sweet boy.

Every now and then I look back at the pictures of Despy when he was first found and taken in by MSRNT. It's hard to believe he was once in such horrible condition. Now he is a bit chunky, bossy, and yet a total love-bug. I wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving this little guy. ? Thank you for helping us to adopt him and bring him home. People always say "he's so lucky to have you" and I always respond with this statement "no, I'm so lucky to have HIM".

Christy Schurter

January 14, 2017

Sandy (Adult female)
Adopted on January 10, 2016
I cannot believe it has been a whole year since we have adopted this sweet little pooch. Sandy has been the best addition to our family and we have had quite the year!

We took a trip to North Carolina and met some family there in late March, then in July we went to our cabin Minnesota and in November we went on a road trip out west to White Sands National Park and a few other places along the way!

Here are some pictures from the past year! Enjoying time in the car, going on long walks, hanging with her cousin in Minnesota and feeling the sand under her paws at White Sands National Park! Quite the year it has been and looking forward to the one ahead!

January 10, 2017

Koby (Adult male)
Adopted on January 24, 2016
Koby is doing so well. I cannot tell you how much this little boy has changed since we first got him. He has found his voice. He talks a lot and all the time. He is such a happy boy. He is really taking his job as protector of the pecan trees seriously. I am amazed at his speed and diligence in keeping the squirrels away. When he isn't outside in his backyard he is with me. He is my little shadow. The anxiety he has had when we leave him in his kennel has disappeared and is replaced by happiness, dancing in circles and talking. I think Greta has given him comfort in the kennel and I am amazed at how he has calmed her attitude. They are really good for each other. We took Christmas pictures and Greta loves to pose. Koby not so much.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.??

Terri Fallwell

December 28, 2016

Patrick (Adult male)
Adopted on December 20, 2014
Kris and Diane,

Merry Christmas from Patrick and me. Patrick had a great Christmas. He got so many presents from friends and family I have to ration them. He's still the best little guy ever. He's really great at alerting me that the dreaded UPS van is nearby, and he stays vigilant until the threat is gone. Thank you for knowing we belonged together. We hope you and your little kids had a great Christmas.

December 25, 2016

Dino (Adult male)
Adopted on April 17, 2016
Dino is now 22# and eats very well! May have to cut back on his treats! Very active and has even gone to Day Care with Hans one time. He did well! They love to play and run and protect each other. If the door bell rings, usually they bark in unison!! Still HATES the cage, and is only in it if we have to leave for groceries, go to the Dr. etc. About 3 weeks ago, the 2 of them had a meeting and decided it would be nice to sleep with Mom and Dad! Dino tried it for about a week and then Hans, who ALWAYS slept in his house--His choice, decided that the little guy was not going to outdo him, and he joined in too! So that is NOW their new routine!! If they are ready for bed, they bark at Don--to wake him up! and they all 3 wander into bed! I try to sleep later and thus I am up later.

Dino has a special recliner in the family room that is his--with 2 blankets in it for the boy to lay on. He also goes to the big bed from Cabela's-- with a blanket on it. He likes blankets!! Sometimes when we are watching TV at night, I cover up with a blanket and he gets on my lap and snuggles in. The funniest thing is when we get out of the shower and are wet, he gets up from his Cabela's bed in the bathroom--yes, he has 2, and licks off our feet and legs up to our knees! This is not a one time deal--this is both of us and every time we shower!! He thinks that is his job and he gets right up and starts licking. We tell him he did good, and he lays back down till it is Dad's turn.

Now when we have company or workmen to the house, or even the gals who clean the house 2 times a month, we may put him up till they get inside, Then we let him out, and he greets the people. The workers say it is ok for him to be loose, and the girls love him and he is so excited they are there. It is like they came just to see him! They have about 10 min. of playing, petting, licking, kisses, and loving, and they then start work. THEY LOVE HIM!! And vice versa. He does try to kill the sweeper tho--ours, too. He also LOVES bully sticks from Costco and it keeps him busy for awhile! We do NOT dare run out or it would be an emergency run to the closest Costco!

We love him to pieces, he has a good home, and we feel he got the best parents he could have. He is happy and a good boy 80-90% of the time! Hans has even taught him how to jump over the jumps in the back yard! He watches and then does it too! He is NOT lacking in smarts!! Tell your friends that he is doing very well, and he is loved so much here!

Merry Christmas to you both--And Thank You for what you did for Dino!!

December 24, 2016

Dobie (Adult male)
Adopted on December 9, 2016
Hi Kris, Diane & Melissa,

Dobie's settling in nicely... with the exception of one day last week, he sleeps thru the night. That morning, he woke up extra early & of course---he was wanting to play. The puppy energy is alive and fortunately fairly benign since I've been able to keep an eye on him. (although the Christmas Schnauzer may not agree with me).

He's been to the dog park twice and I'm really pleased that he: 1) plays (Andy rarely did this) 2) plays WELL with others-- just wants to run & be with others. The only problem so far was with another schnauzer that kept wanting to go for Dobie's throat.... that didn't last long! 3) runs around like crazy. Think we'll be going to dog park a lot.

He does really well in the car and likes to go "bye-bye". He visited Santa at Sewell Subaru last Saturday. There was a young "princess" who kept petting him while he was with Santa. He put up with this & all of the commotion (including the several dogs for the blind) & all normal stuff in the show room.

He has barked very briefly on 2 occassions.... other than that, he's really, really quiet. We'll start training after the holidays. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season & a healthy New Year!

Lynn & Dobie

December 23, 2016

Toto (now Rooney) (Young male)
Toto (now Rooney)
Adopted on October 25, 2016
Rooney has been a fantastic addition to our family! He loves to go on long walks, (but three miles is his limit), chases balls, and loves to play. When he sees me get the harness, he almost puts himself into it he wants to "go" so bad...He's really fun and we think he loves his new home. I know for sure that we love him.

We walk every day at River Legacy Park and almost every day someone tells me that they want a dog just like him..and I refer them to MSRNT. Rooney has already been to Colorado and he wants to move there...but he hasn't seen the snow yet, so we'll wait and see.

Thanks MSRNT!

December 23, 2016

Klaus (Adult male)
Adopted on January 1, 2014
Klaus says, "Merry Christmas!"

December 23, 2016

Prince (now Oscar) (Adult male)
Prince (now Oscar)
Adopted on January 15, 2016
Hi! Oscar (formerly Prince) will be turning 2 in a few days. He's doing so well and we all love him dearly. Today we threw him a birthday party with a few of his friends as his first birthday celebration with us. He and his brothers are the best of friends, and he brings a lot of joy to everyone in the family. Words cannot describe how happy we are that we were able to adopt him. I just know he was always destined to be ours!! Next month we'll celebrate his one year adoptiversary.

Sharing some pictures of him (he's in the middle in each picture with his brothers)

December 14, 2016

Tilly 1517 (Adult female)
Tilly 1517
Adopted on November 22, 2016
Tilly is getting along just fine with my son Max and our 5 month old standard schnauzer, Bruce. Max loves his Tilly to cuddle with at night. She loves my husband and tries to take advantage of him with her cuteness, but she gets told, "No!" so that she will remember good behavior.

Tilly has quickly adapted our family, and we are more than happy that she joined us. Often my husband and I watch her play with our son and our puppy, and we wonder why we didn't find her sooner. She has truly completed our family.

We are so thankful to the organization for helping us find our new family member! We are forever grateful. We love her so much already!

November 25, 2016

BigTex 1500 (now Fritz) (Adult male)
BigTex 1500 (now Fritz)
Adopted on November 4, 2016
I am so thankful for you taking such good care of my Fritz until he and I could be together! He went to the vet on Monday and received a clean bill of health, and he is down to 24 pounds.

Fritz is a sweet companion. He loves to cuddle, go for walks, and chase his new buddy, Simba the cat! I just love him, and I appreciate the wonderful experience of adopting him with MSRNT. Keep up the good work!

November 25, 2016

Rex (Adult male)
Adopted on November 23, 2013
On his third "adoptiversary", Rex's dad, Mark, writes:

Rex is doing well and I'm not sure I could live without him. He runs the house, and all of my family thinks he is king! Thank you so much for everything y'all did to put us together!

I hope these Happy Tails help someone make the decision to adopt a rescue. It's one of my greatest decisions. Thank you again for everything y'all do for the babies.

November 23, 2016

Obi (Adult female)
Adopted on November 12, 2016
Regarding Obi (now Kati)

Kati is settling in very well. We just love her! She is the perfect dog for us. Thank you so much,

D'Etta Hughes

November 20, 2016

Barney 1507 (now Max) (Adult male)
Barney 1507 (now Max)
Adopted on October 28, 2016
I just have to let you know how great Max (previously Barney) is doing. We are taking it slowly, like his foster Mom advise, and giving him time to trust us. He loves quiet afternoons with us sitting on the patio with him roaming the yard at will. He likes to sleep late with me and even came in the house and acted frisky, wanting to play, so I threw him some toys and he went after them. He also had four of our grandsons visit yesterday and he was great with them as well. We just made sure they did not try to pick him up or crowd him in any way because we don’t want to stress him too much. He has really bonded with both of us. We are so pleased he has adjusted so well in a short time. As you can see in the picture, Max is now bonding with the grandkids too. We will continue to take small steps in helping him adapt because I know so much change in his life is stressful. His bonding so quickly with us fills our soul with happiness!!!! Thank you for bringing him to us. We appreciate your organization and all your dedication to the rescue.

Larry Loudenslager (Max’s Dad)

November 17, 2016

Jax 1459 (Adult male)
Jax 1459
Adopted on July 30, 2016
Dear Carole and the MSRNT Team,

I really do not know how to begin or shorten my appreciation to you and Barbara Seale who saved my life.

My dearest husband passed away March 9, and I have been alone since then and quite lonely. We have always had Miniature Schnauzers ever since we were married. We have lost 5 to long lives, and since March I have prayed for the strength to contact you.

Finally that happened! I have Jax, and he has me! We fell for each other instantly upon our Meet and Greet in June, and in July he came home with me for our lifetimes! He has been the dearest, friendliest, most obedient and loving and attentive schnauzer of all that we have had: Schatzie #!, Schatzie #2, Rudy, Preston, and Remy.

Jax beats them all! he never takes his eyes off me, and if I make a motion to leave a room, he is there by my side. He knows when it's time for a back rub and lets me know that! I never mind this attentiveness, of course!

I just wanted you to know that Jax and I are so happy together, and we are so grateful that you took the time, energy, and money to make him well again - for me! Thank you so much.

October 11, 2016

Kleigh (now Maddie) (Adult female)
Kleigh (now Maddie)
Adopted on September 18, 2016
We lost our oldest schnauzer, Lucy, in May. It has been so quiet without her. Madeline (Maddie) has added so much fun and noise back into our home with her big personality.

Madeline enjoys daily walks with her fur-brother Jackson. They both love barking at neighborhood cats and "hunting" bunnies and birds from the safety of their leash. Maddie also loves to play with toys, roll around in the grass, and play with Jackson in the yard. Besides being playful, she's very sweet, loving, and cuddly. Madeline fit right into our family, as if she's always been with us.

Thank you to MSRNT for saving her life and nursing her back to health so we could have the pleasure of giving her a forever home!

September 27, 2016

Juliet 1382 (now Harper) (Adult female)
Juliet 1382 (now Harper)
Adopted on December 4, 2015
Hi, Kris and Diane! I wanted to give you an update on Harper. She is doing so well! She has earned much more freedom over the last few weeks and has done very well. We have been able to leave her out of her kennel with Charlie during the day while we are at work. We were unsure if we would ever be able to do this with her. We are super proud of how well she has done, and we love her terribly!

We've also learned that she loves racquet balls. She likes playing chase with the cat too! Harper is super caring and nurturing to Charlie, especially during bath time when Charlie is in the tub just tolerating it. Harper stands on the outside of the tub, will sniff her, and won't leave her side. She doesn't like it anytime that Charlie get upset or concerned, and she wants to fix it for her. You can definitely see the caring mother she must have been to her own puppies!

She loves to be brushed and makes sure to roll over so you don't miss a spot. It breaks my heart a little because I know the condition she was in when MSRNT rescued her; she had never been brushed before. Now she is very well groomed, and she relishes every moment of it!

It's fun to see her experience a lot of things for the first time. She likes to go to the park, but she is always sure not to let us out of her sight. The pure joy and excitement that she has when we get home makes any day instantly better!

September 21, 2016

Davey (now Otis) (Adult male)
Davey (now Otis)
Adopted on December 6, 2015

I thought you might be interested to know that Otis had cataract surgery about 5 weeks ago. The vet says it has been textbook results...all that we could hope for. Otis had no problems and it appears that the right eye has healed over just fine; they put a lens it in. He no longer has to wear a protective collar and will soon be on only one set of eye-drop meds (most likely for the rest of his life). The right eye is clear and his actions indicate that he is getting some good vision from it.

Overall, he is doing very well with us. We love him dearly. Clearly, Otis is very smart fellow. We don't know his history, but it appears that he was well trained in some respects; he lets us know when he needs to go outside for a potty break. He looks right at us, barks twice while raising up on his back legs, jumping backward a step or two; it's quite humorous. He's still not the best around food and will inch closer and closer to the food in your hand even if it's near your mouth. We're working on it; he's improved but not there yet.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have adopted Otis. He has made us very happy and he looks to be very content and well-adjusted. Otis fits in. In fact, I have a long personal history about schnauzers newly brought into our family. As you may recall, Cynthia and I have had schnauzers as a part of our family dating back to 1976. And it seems that that every time we get a a "new guy" (after the loss of one of our schnauzers), I have a dream where my previous schnauzer visits with me. This has happened 4 times dating back to 1990, right after we lost our first schnauzer, Abercrombie. While all the dreams are different, they have one common thread...near the end of the dream, the now deceased schnauzer will "speak" to me and say, "Mikey, be good to Otto, or Diva, or Chase, (the new doggie), he/she is a good guy." I just recently had that dream where Chase, who died last Thanksgiving Day, appeared and "spoke" to me regarding Otis...."Be good to Otis, Mikey. He's a fine fellow." Chase is right!

This is what adopting rescue dogs is all about.

God bless and protect the United States of America and all the soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and civilians that serve and defend Her.

September 20, 2016

Donnie (now Hank) (Adult male)
Donnie (now Hank)
Adopted on July 30, 2016
Dear Melissa and Keith – Just had to drop you a line about Hank (nee Donnie, nee Donald Trump). He is the most wonderful addition to my life! A perfect pet. He is the sweetheart of the entire Highland Springs community! Rides on my lap to get the mail each day when he is greeted by all of the other residents.

He is playful, loves to play catch with his tennis ball both inside and out. Goes to the doggie park where he loves to play with all the other dogs. His manners are impeccable. He understands and responds to all of the normal commands, plus “wait back”. Someone spent lot of time training him! I can’t imagine the loss they must feel.

I thank you both for helping me connect with my “guy”.

Paula Murphy

September 12, 2016

Beenie (now Spanky) (Adult female)
Beenie (now Spanky)
Adopted on July 19, 2014
It has been two years since we adopted "Beanie" (now Spanky) from MSRNT. Love, love, love this fur baby. She has fit in so well with our other two. Thank you MSRNT for taking such good care of her until she could find us!

August 29, 2016

Lucas (Adult male)
Adopted on August 22, 2015
This sweet little guy, Lucas, turned 5 and we have been blessed to have had him in our family a whole year now!! What a difference a year makes - tomorrow is that special "gotcha" day, 08/22/2015, one we will celebrate forever!

Thank you, MSRNT< for your wonderful organization, and thank you, Kris and Diane, for being his loving and caring foster parents beforehand.

August 29, 2016

Buck (Adult male)
Adopted on July 6, 2015
Buck, #MSRNT alumni 2015, was welcomed to our home last year in August. Buck is totally worn out after chasing squirrels all day. Now this is one sleepy dog. LOL. Thank you MSRNT for all you do.

August 29, 2016

Beau 1261 (now Cosmo) (Adult male)
Beau 1261 (now Cosmo)
Adopted on March 23, 2015
So lucky to have become parents of Cosmo (aka Beau)! Thank you so much for bringing this little guy into our life, and thank you so much to Kris and Diane! Achyutha and I love him so much and our families now cannot imagine their lives without him!

August 29, 2016

Nemo 1481 (Adult male)
Nemo 1481
Adopted on August 2, 2016
Want to update you on little Nemo. We are so proud to be the parents of such a wonderful boy! He has already been a great joy for us, and he is adjusting to our lifestyle very well. He is currently getting a fenced-in yard so he can enjoy the outdoors more. He certainly loves attention and affection – which we both give. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this new addition to our family – especially Tami!

Thanks again. Terry and Ann Young, Lumberton, MS

August 23, 2016

Russell 1478 (Adult male)
Russell 1478
Adopted on July 24, 2016
Hi Melissa,

It's been three weeks since Russell joined our family. He got his first haircut this week and looks very handsome. He's proving to be a great family dog and is starting to get very comfortable with the rhythm of our house. Ellie and Brenden both fight over whose dog he is, and he likes to hang out in the evenings with Dave in the office, but we all know he's really my dog. Russell just loves everyone and is an equal opportunity family member.

He is getting walked daily and seems to really like that. I don't think he was walked much by his previous owner. Now if we ask him if he wants to walk, he runs over to his harness and leash and wiggles his tail. Such cuteness.

His personality fits perfectly with our family. He's just a big snuggle bug and a happy boy. His favorite thing is to lay right beside you with his head on your lap.

Thank you again for bringing him into our family.

Best wishes,

Tabatha, Dave, Brenden & Ellie

August 16, 2016

Lloyd (now Howie) (Adult male)
Lloyd (now Howie)
Adopted on June 9, 2016
Howie has completed our home. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He likes to sleep with us and enjoys time with our son's Miniature Dachshund Riley. They bring her over and we take Howie to visit her.

He gets our shoes and moves them around without destroying them. We come home and find them all over. He loves his toys, too. Howie loves his walks, and he gets excited when we get the leash and harness out. Howie gets along well with our grandbaby, too.

Thank you all for allowing Howie to come live with us!!

Ken and Pat Weaver

August 2, 2016

Hector (now Seeley) (Adult male)
Hector (now Seeley)
Adopted on June 18, 2016
Seeley is doing great! He is such a sweet and loving boy. In the morning when the alarm goes off, he scurries to wake us up with kisses and an enthusiastic tail whacking! We can't help but start the day off with a big smile on our faces.

He's gained a little weight and we're still wanting to add to his frame just a little bit more. His confidence has bloomed and he's taken the lead on our walks. He's gotten very good at stopping at intersections and waiting for our command to cross. I think you'd be proud of him.

We think he still has a lot of "puppy" in him and may be making up for lost time. He is learning about squeaky toys and playing fetch. He's excited with the play time but hasn't grasped what to do with the ball to return it!

His affection and enthusiasm are tremendous and we feel so blessed. I love coming home to such a sweet boy. His little tail wagging has no limit, and he immediately wants to love on us. It's as if he's saying, "You're home and safe now. Life is good!" And then he nuzzles his head under my chin.

-RJ, Kelly, & Seeley

July 27, 2016

Knoxie (Adult male)
Adopted on May 21, 2016
My name is Knoxie and I had been with MSRNT for what seemed like forever. Then one day at the end of May, my foster Mom took me to another MSRNT event at PetSmart. I just thought it would be like all the others, people looking over all the pretty schnauzers, but never picking me. See, I’m unique. I am a poodle/scottie/schnauzer mix. On this day, there were two adoption groups and PetSmart was real crowded. Then I sensed that this woman standing away from the crowd was upset. See, I could tell she didn’t like crowds. I went over to let her know it would be OK and she picked me up. She took me to another woman who looked into my eyes and whoa, fell in love with me right that minute. That very night my foster parents drove me to my forever home. My new Momma and Mommie had a big crate for me, toys everywhere, and my very own Knoxie-sized sofa. Now I just have to “talk” to Momma or Mommie and they take me out. They take me to a puppy park almost every morning and I love chasing the squirrels there. I am an official graduate of PetSmart’s Puppy Obedience class, which I think was really more for my mommies. I don’t think they did that great, but I won’t tell them that. I have my own groomer, Aunt Nicole, who loves me and I have a wonderful new vet too. I don’t usually like vets but she is very nice and loves me very much.

I hate to brag but I have a very important job now. I am an official therapy dog for one of my Mommies. I have my very own badge and certificate. Not bad for a mixed-breed guy that had been living in the streets huh?!

Thank you, foster Mom and Dad, and thank you MSRNT for helping me find such a great forever home!!!

July 26, 2016

Desi (now Pippy) (Young female)
Desi (now Pippy)
Adopted on July 20, 2016
Hi Pam, Desi has had a great first 24 hours with us! First, the girls voted to change her name to Pippy Linebarger. ? After a few accidents last night, Pippy has gone outside to do "her business" throughout the day. She slept in her crate last night and only wined for about 30 minutes. She has snuggled a lot, gone on a neighborhood walk, and run around the house with her new friend Benny. She likes to hide under the sofa but will run out when someone calls her name. She likes to play with the tennis ball and climb steps (very slowly). She has already given lots of kisses and has stolen our hearts. We love her so much! Thank you for trusting our family with this sweet girl! -Christie

July 25, 2016

Chevy 1487 ( now George) (Adult male)
Chevy 1487 ( now George)
Adopted on July 23, 2016
Hi there Kris,

Just wanted to give you an update on Chevy, or as we now call him, George. Because he is just so gorgeous, we thought Gorgeous George fit him well. He is slowly settling in and follows us around like our little shadow, and of course we are getting plenty of kisses. He slept really well last night on the floor next to our bed. This morning we took him to Petsmart so he could choose a new bed, so I am sure that's where he will be sleeping tonight. We also stopped at Home Depot and picked up a dog door. He did so well walking around the stores, he was such a good boy. Andy put the dog door in this afternoon, and he has no problem going in and out. He has had a few accidents, but I am hoping that with the dog door he will have the freedom to go in and out as he needs.

He is a lovely dog, and I can't tell you how happy we are to have him join our family. We think he is the perfect fit for us. He had another great night, and he pops in and out of that doggie door like a pro. He is just a pleasure, and we love him to pieces! Thanks for everything you have done for George and for all the schnauzers out there.....you guys rock!!!!!

July 25, 2016

Dora (now Pepper) (Young female)
Dora (now Pepper)
Adopted on July 21, 2016
Hey, Pam! Everyone is doing great. We decided to give Dora a new name...Pepper. She's doing great. Slept all night. No accidents, and as playful as ever! Thanks for everything. Mark Hlavenka

July 25, 2016

Max 1472 (and PoohBear) (Adult male)
Max 1472 (and PoohBear)
Adopted on July 8, 2016
Hazel’s Happy Tail (before and after adopting Max and Bear, AKA PoohBear)

Hazel, a 10yo chiweenie, had been adopted into her family in 2010 after being found homeless, literally starving to death, with four puppies and head trauma that included damage to her right eye that the veterinarian believed was due to someone kicking her. Despite a horrific start to life, she fit right in with her canine siblings, schnauzers Nathan and Callie. Then her world turned upside down. Nathan, who had just turned 14yo, developed diabetes that was extremely insulin resistant. In less than two months, he became extremely weak, almost blind, and was experiencing seizures and severe muscle cramps; he died on December 26th 2015. Callie was never the same after that. Her chronic medical problems became worse and she died at the age of twelve of profound renal failure on June 11th 2016.

Hazel was lost, lonely, and depressed. While Mom was at work, she got busy looking for new canine siblings on the internet. It wasn’t long before she found MSRNT and two schnauzers in need of a good home, PoohBear (who would later just be called Bear) and Max. The only obstacle was that Hazel was in San Antonio … while Bear and Max were in Dallas. Time to get busy. A few phone calls later, it was planned out … Mom and a good friend of hers (and fellow pilot), Dana, would take Dana’s airplane up to Dallas to pick up Bear and Max. Weather cooperated, and soon Bear and Max were thousands of feet above the ground. They weren’t too happy about the lack of inflight services, though ... but they were happy about going to their fur-ever home! It took a few days but now Hazel, Bear, and Max are inseparable. Hazel knows Nathan and Callie are smiling down from Heaven in approval of her new siblings.

July 24, 2016

Freckles (now Daisy) (Adult female)
Freckles (now Daisy)
Adopted on July 17, 2016
Hey! Things are going good with Daisy. She is such a snuggle bug. She naps with me on the couch. We went to the lake Wednesday thru today. I tried walking her into the water on the boat ramp, but she was not a fan. She would only get her paws wet. I'll try again later. I do have a life jacket to fit her to go on the boat. She is great on walks and sits for me to put her leash on and off. She does seem to be pretty protective of me and barks at any new people. This week we will try the dog day play and dog park. I'll also try to socialize her more with people before going to Colorado.

July 23, 2016

Katie1437 (Adult female)
Adopted on March 12, 2016
When Katie came to MSRNT, she had been kept crated for many hours a day. When her foster mom got Katie, she decided to let her just “be a dog” so she could enjoy wandering the yard, climbing the stairs and going for walks.

Her adopter, Linda, reports: Katie comes running when she calls and jumps onto the furniture to be with my husband Roy. We “love our Katie bug.” Our home is on a golf course, and Katie enjoys lying in one corner of it, watching the golfers.

What a great pet we got in her! We love her so much. I thought she would be my dog, but she got locked into Roy. She loves the yard. I just wanted to let you know that Katie is doing absolutely awesome. She is ruling this household - took her a while, but she is in charge, doing well, and looks absolutely darling.

July 8, 2016

Herby (now Herbie) (Young male)
Herby (now Herbie)
Adopted on December 31, 2013
By foster Mom, Barbara... Herby came to MSRNT in December 2013. He was about 18 months old when he came in as an owner surrender due to illness. Richard & I brought him with us to the Petco Santa photos. The Evans family was there with their 8 month old female Schnauzer by the name of Daisy. There was a love connection right away. We adopted him yon New Year’s eve. They changed the spelling of his name to Herbie. At least once a year John sends me pictures of the two of them playing. They are inseparable!

June 29, 2016

Betsy (now Dottie) (Senior female)
Betsy (now Dottie)
Adopted on February 23, 2016
Hi, Everyone!

Our "Dottie" (was Betsy) is now going on 7 months old, and she's a beautiful young lady. We love her so much. You may remember her as one of the babies from the Waco litter. Yes, we were failed foster parents! Just couldn't let her go. Glad we didn't!

Don, Juan, and Daisy

June 12, 2016

Brother (now Hunter) (Adult male)
Brother (now Hunter)
Adopted on January 3, 2016
We have had Hunter now for 6 months and he makes us laugh every day! He has brought so much joy and energy into our home. Hunter is very much the 2 year old. Bouncing and jumping and causing mayhem. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Who couldn’t love a dog that is so happy that he wags his entire back end instead of just his little schnauzer nub?

June 12, 2016

Gretchen (now Gray-C) (Adult female)
Gretchen (now Gray-C)
Adopted on May 1, 2015
Gray-C had her one year adoptaversary with us this month! She has been such a great addition to our home. She has blossomed from the nervous girl she was to a great dog! She will even sit in a room of strangers and let them pet her. But nothing compares to how sweet it is that she now will sit on the couch and snuggle up to us. Every night when she settles in for bed, we smile at the loud and satisfied sigh she does. We know she’s saying, “I’m not hungry, I’m not sick, I’m not alone, I’m safe, I’m loved.”

June 12, 2016

Misty 1454 (now Queenie) (Adult female)
Misty 1454 (now Queenie)
Adopted on May 8, 2016
We are home from our wonderful time in California. Queenie, formerly Misti, handled the flights well. She wasn't familiar with a lot of people being around but got better as time went by. She doesn't like to ride in a car, but we are working on it. She has won our hearts & I believe she feels the same way. Here is a picture of the residents of our home.

June 7, 2016

Lucky (Adult male)
Adopted on April 5, 2016
Good morning Tami,

We thought we adopted a mini-Schnauzer but I think we adopted a human child – LOL! Lucky has settled in very nicely with our family, and he does not like to miss out on one thing around here. He insists on going with me to drop off and pick up the kids from school. When I drop them off, he whines until we get back home...and when I tell him it’s “time to get the girls” in the afternoons, he goes crazy and can’t wait to get in the car.

While the kids are at school, he gets a little bored since I’m busy working. But he usually lies patiently under my desk, as he is doing this very moment. When the kids get home, however, look out! They take him out in the backyard and throw his toys and run. After dinner, the girls and I take him for a walk and he loves being the social butterfly of the neighborhood! I’ve noticed he barks at the large dogs to let them know he’s not afraid, but wags his tail and loves the smaller ones. After our busy afternoons, he’s then worn out and eager to snuggle with all of us on the couch during family time. He started out sleeping in his crate, but I’ve been letting him sleep with us since he’s been a really good boy and doesn’t try to get off the bed and wander around the house.

He also has a mischievous streak to him – he still likes to take things that don’t belong to him and run through the house with them while we chase him! I think he does that to make us pay attention to him when he feels a little left out. The good news is, it’s made the kids more aware of picking their toys and clothes off the floor as a result, so it’s not such a bad thing! But I still haven’t figured out why he likes to take my sunglasses and lipstick out of my purse! And yesterday, he grabbed the toilet paper in my bathroom and took off with it until the roll ran out. That was a new trick – we hadn’t seen him do that before. LOL!

So our little guy seems very happy and settled in and we just adore him. We might have spoiled him just a tad bit, but that’s OK – he wants to be wherever we are. He doesn’t like to have a lot of “alone time” – only occasionally when he needs a break for a few minutes to catch his breath on his little bed in the living room. We will still bring him to the some of the rescue events when we can – the girls love coming there and seeing the other Schnauzers too and still like to keep track of the adoptions. They still remember all the names of the ones that were there the last time!

Hope to see you soon!

May 19, 2016

Lexi 1416 (now Molly) (Adult female)
Lexi 1416 (now Molly)
Adopted on January 27, 2016
Hi Tami. It's been a while since I last wrote, so I thought I'd update you on Molly. She continues to be the sweetest girl! She has become my best friend and companion. We have each other on a pretty good schedule, and both of us love taking our walks during the day. I've even lost about 15 lbs, so no argument there!!! She gets me out of my chair several times a day which is so good for me! She sleeps all night in her bed next to mine ... She does have a slight snore LOL. During the day, she lays near my feet next to my desk.

I did discover she does not like rain when it is really coming down. A few steps out the door and it's an immediate u-turn back to the door! If it's misting, she doesn't mind that so much.

One thing we have had to work on is barking intensely when she sees another dog. When she see ones, I reign her in on her leash and keep talking to her saying "good girl" over and over. Sometimes I've had to make her sit and I get down to her level and keep repeating, "Good girl, Molly." Today she saw a dog coming our way and she lunged on her leash and wanted to bark so badly...but I started saying "Good girl, Molly", and she didn't bark...but boy it was hard for her not to!!! I was so proud of her. I kept talking to her all the way home. All I could think of was teaching little kids not to do something!!!

I had her groomed mid- April...Holy cow, I almost didn't recognize her!!! I'm told by the groomers she was a love to work on. She's about ready for another session!!! She stayed at my sister's house with their 2 schnauzers while I went on vacation for a few days. She did really well with them ...2 males. No issues, no problems, no mistakes in the house. Everyone got along great!!!

Hope you are well...are you still fostering?? Here's a picture from this evening...relaxing on the patio!! I am so attached and love her so much!!! -- Kathy Wilkens

May 16, 2016

Romeo 1381 (Adult male)
Romeo 1381
Adopted on December 12, 2015
Hi Melissa!

As you probably know, Romeo just celebrated his 2nd birthday, and we wanted to make it special by getting him a “pup” cake from one of the local boutique pet stores. It took him a few seconds to figure out what it was with Wendy’s help, but he loves peanut butter!

Every day he’s doing a little better, and he’s taken to hanging out under our bed during the day. He’s adjusted to the schedule around here and knows just when to start bugging us for dinner. If we put him on the bed at night, he’ll climb on top of us to wake us up when the alarm goes off in the morning. He still won’t jump up on the bed on his own, but we’ve seen him do it on a few occasions. He also loves our couch, and he doesn’t want to come upstairs at night. Somehow he managed to chew the zipper off one of our throw pillows … twice. Definitely still some puppy left in there! We love how he talks to us in the morning too!

The one thing we’ve noticed is that he’s terrified of thunder, and with all this rain lately it’s been hard on the little guy. We ended up getting him a thunder shirt and some calming treats which have seemed to help.

Overall, he’s doing great. We recently had a wellness check with our vet to get him acquainted; he’s in excellent health and now weighs 19 pounds! More updates soon! Hope all is well with you.


May 4, 2016

Saydee 1362 (Adult female)
Saydee 1362
Adopted on November 16, 2015
Hey! Our little Mina is doing just great! It feels like she has always been in our family. She is loving longer walks now that it's warmer. She and I are basically inseparable when I'm home. She is smart, entertaining, and very loving. We have just gotten into a great routine with her! She still has a ton of energy and loves to play all day. She will relax a bit with me in the evenings. She is definitely a fierce little spunky girl! She is just perfect for us! I'm getting my girly shopping fix buying her clothes and accessories. I've become a crazy dog lady!


April 25, 2016

Hershey 1384 (now Lucy) (Puppy female)
Hershey 1384 (now Lucy)
Adopted on November 18, 2015
Hello All-

I told you guys I would send you updates on "Hersey"/Lucy, so here is a good one:

We adore our "tiny mad scientist" and thought we would never get her groomed. She was absolutely perfect the way she was, but Mike sent me a picture of her from his phone the other day and I realized that maybe our love was a little blind. Needless to say, I called a groomer the next day (after spending HOURS researching the best one), and when I went to pick her up, this schnauzer cutie appeared. She doesn't even look like the same dog. We take her with us everywhere we go and people used to ask, "What kind of dog is she?" Now they say, "Can we pet your precious schnauzer?"

I started selling Real Estate at the beginning of the year, and Lucy goes everywhere with me. She's my little selling partner and she keeps me safe. She has definitely filled an empty hole in both our hearts, and I am forever grateful to all of you for allowing us to be her parents. Watching my husband with her brings tears to my eyes daily. He even bought her an Easter dress so she would fit in with all of her "cousins" at my family's Easter gathering. The precious baby has Mike wrapped around her paws and it makes me very happy.

Hope you are all doing well. I tell people about your organization all the time and how pleased we were to work with you guys. Sending our best to everyone (especially the four-legged babies).

Mike, Lisa, and Lucy (formally known as Hersey)

April 22, 2016

Patrick 1299 and Wilbur (Adult male)
Patrick 1299 and Wilbur
Adopted on February 5, 2016
Editor's note: Patrick was adopted on 02/05, and Wilbur was adopted on 02/19.

Patrick and Wilbur have been with us for about two months now, and our old guy Sooner has welcomed them with open arms. The three of them have become quite the pack, and there has not been a snarl between them. They are quite the sight when they are curled up together on the bed or couch. Although Wilbur takes his yard patrol duties seriously, he is really all about play, and we romp and wrestle a couple times per day. Patrick too has taken to yard patrol, and has become quite vocal at letting us know trouble is about. One would never know he is blind and nearly deaf, and our visitors who see him saunter by are amazed. He is pretty clear when he wants to play too; he loves a good wrestle with a hand-in-a-sock. Anyhow, if the romping, snoring and snuggling are any indication, they like it here.

Larry & Liz in Denton

April 11, 2016

PeeWee 1355 (now Petey) (Adult male)
PeeWee 1355 (now Petey)
Adopted on February 6, 2016
Petey is doing very well. He now sleeps all night. He has some new toys that he loves to play with along with the ball (of course). He knows where I keep his treats and goes there when he has done something good. He loves his walks. He has adjusted to our home and us very well. He is definitely part of our family and he knows it. We are so happy that we decided to adopt him.

Bea Nauss

March 31, 2016

Charlie 1345 (Adult male)
Charlie 1345
Adopted on February 27, 2016
Charlie is settling in nicely. He is a very sweet boy. All went well today. We did a couple of training sessions and went for a short walk. He was so good on the walk. I was amazed at how little he pulled. He is also great at sitting, even off the leash. Still working on "down". He is fabulously house trained and has even handled guests coming over like a champ. A bit wary, but still very sweet. We are very happy!

He is already getting better! No growling any more when we take away his bone. He has stopped growling too when we pick him up. He is a very good dog actually.

We are very happy. He is a great addition to our family :) Really helps our spirits around here! We are so pleased he has joined us. He is a great dog! We feel very lucky! He even did well for us at training the other day!

He still looks for you. I know you took great care of him. Thank you and MSRNT for helping with him and the rescue. It is a great service, and we have had nothing but great things to say about everything.

Charlie is simply wonderful! He is such a great dog. Yes, a little hyper and stupid around cars, but loving, sweet, and fun. We could not be happier!

March 18, 2016

Melody (now Lily) (Adult female)
Melody (now Lily)
Adopted on April 7, 2012
 OH! Our beautiful Lily. Same beautiful face but you can no longer see skin through her coat. She is still skittish and refuses to go more than 50 feet at the park if her "sister" and bff Zoe isn't with her. If Zoe is along she's good to go. They are such good friends and have never had a cross word. She's about 22 pounds and is a load to pick up. Her favorite thing is to ride in the front seat of the pickup and get head scratches from Lee. They go for a ride everyday. She's figured out to shove in front of Zoe so she can be the first one out the back door. It's been a long road and she's still far from normal but we love her so much. We've never been sorry that we adopted her. I hope you and Diane are doing well. We think of you both often. Thanks for all you did for sweet Lily.

Look at that sweet face!

March 17, 2016

Sterling (Adult male)
Adopted on January 25, 2013
Hello Ladies,

How nice of you to remember us! I will have to make a note on our calendar of our adoptiversary! All is going well with our lover boy Sterling. Sending a photo of him "chill'n" on the sofa with Kerry and Roxy at the beach. He is a great traveller and a wonderful companion too. Still acts worried at times, only he knows why...sweet, sweet boy. So glad you trusted him to us. Many thanks and hope all is well with you and yours. Sincerely, Patty Burklow

January 25, 2016

Bianca (Adult female)
Adopted on January 9, 2016
It has been a week now and this girl is already so LOVED! She has settled in quite nicely. Bianca loves her walks and loves her new brother. She follows him around and loves to sit near him. After about 3 days we found out that she also loves to snuggle with us and sit close to her new humans. So glad we have her! Just wanted you guys to know. Hi!! One more update on Bianca. She is really doing great! She found a few good resting spots, has been fine with the crate while we are gone, loves to lick Chuck's face and is enjoying sitting close to us in the bed or sofa. The vet tech said "Bianca has gone to the best family!" Have a great day!

January 19, 2016

Houdini (now Harley) (Adult male)
Houdini (now Harley)
Adopted on January 10, 2015
Harley (aka Houdini) is a great dog!! Jan 10th will be one year since we met you at our daughter's house in Coppell. His leg that had been badly broken doesn't slow him down at all! Most people are surprised when we tell them he has a plate and screws. When our vet checks him, he always says "you have a good dog here!" I can't say enough about how glad we are to have him in the family. He loves going in the car; barks at people who come too close, and chases squirrels up the trees and through the fence! Thank you for trusting us with this awesome dog!!

Linda and Pat Guy, Granbury

January 8, 2016

Chloe1059 (now Isabella) (Adult female)
Chloe1059 (now Isabella)
Adopted on June 29, 2013
Kris, Diane, Hi. Wanted to let you know that Isabella (formally Chloe) says Happy New Year! She has been doing really well. This year, she and her "brother" Oliver started playing and have never stopped! I wish y'all a happy 2016 filled with, what else, Miniature Schnauzers!

January 3, 2016

Max 1273 (Adult male)
Max 1273
Adopted on January 2, 2015
It was one year ago today that you drove to Lindale in the rain to bring Max to us, and we thank you for that and for taking such good care of him while he was with you. (You also drove him to my sister’s house for us to meet him at Christmas.) We are grateful to you and to MSRNT for rescuing him from an uncertain fate. He has been a perfect match for us. We appreciate all of you. Max says “Hi” to you and your lucky furry children. Happy New Year to you and to all the wonderful people who create happiness for lucky schnauzers and their adoptive families. Bob and Betty Potter

January 2, 2016

Oreo935 (now Piper) (Adult male)
Oreo935 (now Piper)
Adopted on April 21, 2012
First, as you can see from picture, Piper now has a sister. She is also a rescue, but in a different way. My neighbor asked if I would take her if anything happened to him. Three weeks later he died, and Sissey Dog came to live with us. That was a year ago. Piper is still an alpha dog and the love of her Daddy's life, but she has let Sissey Dog share her life. We are so blessed that we got to be Piper's parents and now Sissey's. Thank you for all y'all do and you can always count on us for donations. Thanks again for your wonderful organization and fkor letting us have Piper.

January 1, 2016

Tramp 1386 (now Sawyer) (Adult male)
Tramp 1386 (now Sawyer)
Adopted on November 21, 2015
When I first met Sawyer (then Tramp) at a Petsmart adoption event, I was immediately head-over-heels in love (his foster momma, Barbara, can attest to this)! When he officially became mine, I knew he'd bring me joy, but I had no idea just how much. This sweet boy has come so far from a painfully shy and underweight schnauzer to a happy, loving, healthy bubba who impressively adapts to the mood of a room, loves to squeeze under your arm for major snuggles, and who plays an energetic game of catch with his blue squeaker. I look forward to many more years of joy with my sweet little boy. Thank you thank you thank you, MSRNT!

December 29, 2015

Kasper (now Rylee) (Adult male)
Kasper (now Rylee)
Adopted on November 14, 2015
We recently decided to adopt another Schnauzer after losing one last April. Murphy used to play with our younger Schnauzer, Cylis, a lot and we wanted another Schnauzer companion for him and for us. We could tell Cylis missed not having Murphy here to run and play together.

We decided to turn to MSRNT again to find a new baby that needed a loving home. We fell in love with the pictures of Kasper. He was a larger white Schnauzer, and we were hoping that he, Cylis, and our older Poodle Coco would get along together. We set up an appointment so they could all meet, and if they hit it off, we would adopt him into our family. They all met one Saturday, and we were thrilled that they all got along. That was one month ago...

Kasper (who is now Rylee), was welcomed into our home. He is so gentle, calm and such a sweet guy. As the days and weeks have gone by, he has gotten more used to his surroundings and being part of our family. As we had hoped, he has totally fit right in and has gotten acclimated quickly.

Cylis and Coco have gotten used to their new brother, and they have all became fast friends. As he has begun to get more comfortable with us, he has really gotten more animated, talking to us as Schnauzers tend to do, barking some to protect our home, and running and playing with Cylis. He is so well behaved and is such a loving and sweet guy. More and more, he and Cylis have begun to play together. My husband and I were laughing hysterically today as we watched them scuffle and play until they were both exhausted. We’re not sure who is happier having a playmate, Cylis or Rylee!

We are looking forward to having Rylee with us for a long time. Cylis and Coco have a new brother, and we have another sweet baby to love and provide a forever home.

Thank you MSRNT for introducing us to Rylee. He has already captured all of our hearts!

With love,

Debbie, Doug & Jordan Draper

December 16, 2015

Gus 1140 (Adult male)
Gus 1140
Adopted on March 22, 2015
Dear Sheryl,

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday and the Best in 2016!

Gus has become a member of the family now, and he is becoming more and more comfortable. He stays outside alone in the back yard for 5-10 minutes and seems to love to inspect his property and, of course, chase squirrels or bark at the dog next door. He will graduate from obedience class (beginner) at the Little Rock Dog Training Club this Sunday and will progress to the Canine Good Citizen class in January. He’s had three obedience classes and has steadily improved. We were fortunate to find a dog trainer for some at home work in late summer, and this has helped. Of course, much of the training is for Bob and me, and we are feeling more comfortable as well.

He loves his walks and we do, too. He gets at least two a day and sometimes three. Next year we are going to take him on some of the trail hikes near here. I loved the MSRNT calendar and sent many to relatives and friends. We even had someone stop Bob and me in Home Depot this week when we had Gus and wanted to take his picture. He wanted to find a mini like Gus, and I told him about the rescue organization. Thanks to you and the others for the very fine work you do for these dogs.

Diane and Gus……We’ve had lots of rain recently…..probably like Dallas.

December 10, 2015

Chance 1263 (Adult male)
Chance 1263
Adopted on December 8, 2014
I'm sending a mini photo album of my first year in Kansas City, Missouri. I first met my new best buddy on December 8th last year 2014! He's a good guy, and I have him wrapped around my little toe nail. See, he even looks a little like me..."nice facial hair"! We road to my new forever home in a rent car and spent our first night together in a Wichita hotel room. I got a good first nights sleep! Warm and cozy on his bed. It was really a bit spooky so far from familiar haunts.

I got to my new home the next morning and met my new brother and sister Jackson and Coco. I spent the first real winter of my life here on our mini preserve with my new family Frank, Dee, Kelsi and Great Grandma Margaret. Sadly we lost my sister Coco to a failed pancreas in March. Then Kelsi moved in with us and brought her buddy Xena with her. Here we are all together. We are having a great time here, there are lots or critters that visit, like turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, and deer.

Some times we just lounge around together. Sometimes we go for a ride in the convertible. I get to go for lots of rides. He will take me any where I want to go.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Miniature Schnauzer rescue of North Texas, I will always appreciate what you all have done for me!

Merry Christmas!! Happy First New Year!

Your friend Chance.

December 9, 2015

James (now Kaiser) (Adult male)
James (now Kaiser)
Adopted on October 4, 2015

Kaiser (James) is doing fantastic. He has put on a little weight but certainly good weight....muscle. He has become a member of the family very quickly. We are still working on his nipping (love bites)...he likes to lick and nip at the same time when he gets excited, but he has been fantastic. He spends a lot of time with the kids during the day. Then after they go to bed, he lays with Meagan and me until bedtime when he goes to his bed (crate). He has been such a wonderful addition to the family, and we feel lucky to have him. He had a great time at the groomers and trick or treating. Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

P. S. He still is a stuffed animal toy destroyer...lol. But we got him a nylabone dental dinosaur. I would recommend these for your dogs as they are for power chewers, and they have cleaned his teeth completely. Of course, they are made in the USA as well. Give them a try...you will be glad you did.

November 21, 2015

Betty (now Kallie) (Adult female)
Betty (now Kallie)
Adopted on November 30, 2013
Kallie (who was Betty) was adopted on November 29, 2013.

We lost our two Schnauzers (sisters, Kensey - July; and Kelsey - December) in 2012. It took right at a year after losing Kelsey that we knew it was time for another little one in our lives. The minute I saw Kallie's picture on the MSRNT website, I knew she was meant to be part of our family. She tugged at the heart strings.

She answered to Kallie the same afternoon she came to us. She is quiet a majority of the time, but she definitely has a voice. She loves to be held and cuddles at night. Loves to give you lots of kisses and little love bites.

We didn't know where she was one day in the house ... turns out she was sitting under our Christmas tree in the den and blended right in with all the teddy bears under the tree (see 2014 MSRNT calendar - Honorable Mention). Now, she thinks the bears are her toys and we find them scattered everywhere.

We absolutely adore Kallie. She is a sweetheart and the perfect fit for us.

Peggy and Bill Simpson

November 20, 2015

Precious 1180 (now Kaylie) (Adult female)
Precious 1180 (now Kaylie)
Adopted on May 3, 2014
Kaylie (who was Precious) was adopted on May 3, 2014.

Well, we did it again. We wanted a playmate for Kallie. Kaylie marched right in (all 7.7 pounds) and immediately let Kallie know that she was going to be queen bee if she had anything to do with it. Well, that didn't go over too well with Kallie. There have been a few snips and barks, etc. but now they are playing, rough housing and getting along great.

Kaylie has to be the funniest little pup that we've ever seen. We have to keep an eye out because wherever we take her, everyone wants to take her home. She knows she is "Precious".

Thank you MSRNT fosters and volunteers. Just so happens that Tami was the foster for both our little girls. You are a great organization and we're glad we found you.

Peggy and Bill Simpson

November 20, 2015

Bingo and Sugar (Adult male)
Bingo and Sugar
Adopted on November 5, 2015
This is a very special Happy Tail that we are so excited about! Bingo has been with MSRNT since December of 2014. The Delgados had a feeling that he belonged in their family. When they came to one of our events meet him, Sugar, who had been in rescue for about two weeks, made sure that she got their attention first. They decided that they wanted her to be part of their family as well as Bingo, so that they would both have a doggie sibling to go through life with. The Delgados are happy to report that the fur kids are getting along famously and are settling in nicely into their new life. A huge congratulations to Bingo and Sugar on their forever home!

November 19, 2015

Julio (Adult male)
Adopted on September 26, 2015
Some of you have been following Julio's story. MSRNT had originally adopted him out back in 2011. Sadly, his owner passed away, and somehow he ended up in a shelter. We don't know what happened to him in the interim, but he came back to us in very poor condition, with extensive hair loss, and skin and ear infections. The good news is that testing at the vet proved Julio to be reasonably healthy, with the exception of his appearance. We were able to nurse him back to health with antibiotics, medicated shampoos, and re-checks at the vet.

We are so happy that the Kuhns decided that Julio belonged in their family. Congratulations to Julio on his new FOREVER home!

October 13, 2015

Charlie 1359 (Adult male)
Charlie 1359
Adopted on September 22, 2015
We were finally ready to fill the empty space in our hearts and home after we had to put down our 15 year old wonderful companion "Pal, aka Woofy". Fortunately, we somehow stumbled across your great organization.

This is our third week as a family, and we can't express how rewarding Charlie has been to our lives! He gives his unconditional love, as all of us know that our furry babies give us. We look forward coming to home after that hard day at work knowing that we are going to be greeted with a tail wagging, maybe a bark, and sometimes a wonderful howl - which is truly a cherished moment in time! I will never forget that first night when Charlie's foster mom, April, brought him to us. We appreciate the dedication that April and all of the volunteers give to match up families with furry tails that just need a good loving home!

We were so fortunate to have been invited to the 2015 Bark in the Park as it was an amazing opportunity to enjoy being among all the cutest schnauzers in one place. We got to have our first family photo taken to celebrate our new life together! Thank you for Sheryl and every volunteer and sponsor who dedicate their time to MSRNT to help so many lives become whole!

October 12, 2015

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